Top 5 Churches In Europe

If you think about Europe, you’ll inevitably think of their outstanding architecture and art masterpieces. Every city has it’s own charm, you can see the influence of the great masters and artists in every building, but most specially on their churches. This sacred places have played a major role in Europe history. Many kings, nobles and rulers have given countless resources to build these architecture treasures. Christian worship has molded European history, even nowadays 80% of its population consider themselves as Christians. The best artists of all time have given humanity the gift of building these breathtaking churches and cathedrals, showing the capacity of mankind on creating beauty.

Top 5

• St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City: it is to belived that this church built from 1506 to 1626 is placed on the burial place of St. Pete, the first catholic Pope. It was designed by Miguelangelo, and has countless of historic works of art dating back to Roman Emperor Constantine. As the largest church in the world, it is visited by millions of people from all around the globe every year, Christians, art and architecture lovers.
• Notre Dame de Paris, Paris (France): known also as Our Lady of Paris, this church is the epitome of French Gothic architecture. It survived great damage during the French Revolution in the 1790’ and it is famous for its stone gargoyles that guard the church from the roof. It has an amazing view of the city of Paris and it is the house of priceless sacred Christian objects as of the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus Crist.
• Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (Spain): to this day, the construction of this church designed by Antoni Gaudí remains unfinished. It has a unique and breathtaking appearance that captivates the heart of anyone who visit it. On the outside you can appreciate a detailed design of unique spires and on the inside light is capture by intricate stained glass.
• St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia: even though it is now used as a museum, this beautiful church has been the witness of Russian history since 1560 when Ivan the Terrible order to build it. It’s colorful and unique appearance resembles bonfire shooting flames into the sky. There is nothing like this in Russian architecture, so it is cherish for its uniqueness and it is consider a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
• Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey: this architecture masterpiece now functions as a museum, but has had many uses during the course of history. It most distinctive trail is its breathtaking dome and it is consider as the epitome of Byzantine architecture.