How To Train Travel In Europe

If you have never traveled by train in Europe, then you have never been to Europe. Train in Europe have a long and important history. Trains meant the civilization of Europe, the commercial exchange between countries and the freedom of people to go whatever they want to. There is definitely something magical about traveling by train in Europe, it’s exciting, efficient, safe and affordable. For those who live in a country with no trains, this is a once in a life experience. The vast train rails available allow you to go to just about every corner of Europe just by jumping on a train.


Travailing by train has some great advantages over other transportations. There is no luggage limit or fees, so you can take just about anything you want. There are not long checking and security lines at the train station, so you can quickly get in the train without all the hassle from airports. You can get your tickets very easily and no reservation required. To get a ticket you can simply purchase online (some countries doesn’t have this option available), or simply use a ticket machine at the train station, all the instructions are in English and is easy to navigate. Consider that when it is tourist season, reservation is a good option for long train trips, since prices rise the day of departure. Another great advantage of this transportation is that you can bring all the food and drinks you want. That’s right, even alcohol is allowed, so you have your own little picnic on the train or share a good bottle of wine with your fellow passengers. This is a great way to socialize and make new friends. Trains can offer you also a good night sleep while you travel since some trains has special cabins, cleaned by best carpet cleaner, with bunks so you can comfortably close your eyes in one country and wake up the next morning in another. Additionally trains in Europe are famous for being punctual 90% of the time, it doesn’t matter the weather, and you can count that your train will be on time.

This is a wonderful way to know Europe to its core. There is something magical about sitting back and relaxing with a book in your hands while you see the cities go by in a blur at the window. Be spontaneous and just go to the nearest train station and by a ticket on the next train, it’s an adventure worth living.